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trans fat free.. all natural. the other healthy food labels thht aren't as healthy as they seem... tomorrow on fox45 morning news. 3 game nats nats the oriiles gee theirrfirst playoff win in mmoe than a decade.the play of the game that some are calling.. the weirrest ever....and what's next on their road to the world series. 3& jerry sandusky... s set to be sentenced much jail time he's facing and what he's saying in hhs first staaement from jail. and theone thing you need to do right now... to prevent hhliday debt later. 3- 3 tuesday, october 9th.
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3 3-3
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3- orioles fans patience finally
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pays off. ffr the second ime &pin tww days, the start of the home playoff game is delayed... bbt this time, the late night issworthhit.the orioles get their first home playoff win in 15 years.... but it wasnnt easy. wei-yin chen was great, but in the first inning he watcheddwith all of us, one of the weirddst plays you'll ever see.... with a mann n base, robinson cano hits a rocket off the pall in right field. the relay gets hooe in plenty of &ptime, but ichiro suzuki veers around catcher matt weiters.... then contorts his body around tte tag... and is safe at home!!!!! 1-0 yankees.samm score bottom of the 3rd.... bases loaded with two outs for chris davis ... and he comes through. the single.. scores two runnnrss and the o's have their firrt lead of the eries 2-1. top
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of the 4th, this time the yankees are threatening... ut chenngets derrk jeter to bounce out to third to end the jam.orioles add a run in the 6th as mark reenolds goes the from second. ii's 3-1 orioles.on to the 9th... now jjst a one run lead,,aad its ttme for jim johnson to redeem himself after last night's rough performance... and he comes throogh! the good game apiece! 5255 i hinn thh biggest thing for us...... as long as we stick to our goals and pxpectations, we'll be alright. 3 todaa is a travel ayy so fans ccn catcc their breath -& p the win - comes 15 years to the day when the orioles lass won a ppayoff game in baltimore.
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&pbaltimore. joel d. smith is celebrating the big win with the fans at jimmy's today ann has some more the rioles ssould be ery confidenttgoinn intt new ork for the est of the series! 3 3 o's have won all 3 series in new york this yeaa!!buck 3uckk- 3 3 3 3 it all comes downnto math!! 3 3915 buck.. the math is,
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you have to wwn 3. . but its ne win closer to winning 3. (math teacher)5251 3&(ad lib) liveein fells point, joel d. smithh fox 45 morning news.
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3 a man is hurt affer a shooting around 9-30 last night on dumbarton avenue near wilsbb avenuu.when offfcers arrivedd at the scene, they found the ttere's no word on hii condition... but homicide detectives were called to investigate. medics rush a harford county man to shock trauma after being shot by a state trooppr. puthorities went to a home on norrisville roaddin white hall after gettiig reports of a suicidal man.they said when they got thhre... john murphh pointee a gunnat one of the troopers.that's when he trooper shot muuphy.he's expecttd to be o-k. police releaseenew surveillance video of a septtmber bbr fight in south baltimore... thaa left one man . dead.thheiicideet happened att the "crosssoads station baa" near south pulaski and west pratt the video yyu can see a bearded man pulling out what looos liie a gun. people begin backing away.. clarence ross died after being - hht in the head.police are now
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&paskknggfor help identifying the gunman. &p"detectives aae hoping that someone may recognizeethis if yyu dont know his name, you may noo know hhre he lives but if youuhhve any informationnat ll it may help him."police are releasing these photos of two men they shooting. 3 first on fox...a judge's decision could take police off the street in sooe of the city's moss dangerous neighborhoods.all of it... over paperwork.megan giililandd is liveefrom ciiy police headquartersswith more on the controversial change in policy. pood morning uys,many &pofficers don'' want to talk pbout it out of fear...the concern is possible retributiin by some judges. pudges.itts all over the use of electroniccsignatures on pharging 45's investigative teaa obtained this letter that bans the practice. it was written by
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district court chief judge ben clyburn last month... stating that an ink-on-paper signature is required.but some officers &ppn the city say a written signature amounts to more time off the street doinn paperwork. 15:18:24 the issue is do the sign their own statements their own reports of probable caase aad the answer i would say is yes in he past... charging ttansmittedd lecttonically. an approach strongly supported by the baltimore city ssatees attorney's office. no word on what prompted this fox45 morning news.lliland, - the numbers from the deadly meningitis outbreak are climbiig fast. the c-d-c reports there are more than 105 cases confirmed and eight deaths... aad one of those deaths was right here in . maaylaan. the zzon mbulatorr center in rosedale is one of seven centers in maryland thaa
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used the tainted steroid product. meningitis is treaaable if caught early experts say bb on lookout for warriig ssgns.... "...the symptoms ttat they are experiencing are those that we sometiies see in cases of meeingitis, such as fever, new orrworsening eedache, sometimee neckkstiffness. we've also een in few patients, signs and symptoms slurreddspeech, dizziness, difficulty walking, sudden weakness, etc...." etc...." nationwide of the contaminated steroid... - were shhpped to 23--states. jerry sandusky is just ours away from sentencinn. senttncing.jurors convicted the former penn state coach... on 45 counts of sexuallyy aausing 10 boys ovvr a 15-year span. sandusky denies all aacusationn made agaiist him... saying he was not ivenn a fair opportunity to prepare for trial. in what many are calling a bizarrr move...on the eve f his seetencing ... sandusky released his first statement from jail .. blaming the victims. in my heart, i know i did not do thhse alleged disgusting
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sex partner that was after marriage.//buut to//before you k at everything and everybodyy. look t the preparation for the trialland the trial. to//we will fight for anothhr chance and now we'll ask for one.//butt to// i ask for the strengthhto handle everything ann willingnees to surrender only to godd regardlees oo the outcome." &pprosecutors say uppto 6 of atttoday's hearing.he faces up to liff in prison. a halloween mask on ebay... is sparking widespread outrage. outrage.this mask is of jamessholmes and was put on ebay for 500-dollars by an anonymous seller.the everyone you know."the mask was modeled after hhs first court appearancce.many say it'' insensitive to thh victims of the mass shooting. 12 and injuring several more at a "baaman" movie screening. the mask has since been
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taken off the website. someeshocking news today... about joran van der slooo.he of a woman in peru... and is the maan suspect in the holloway in aruba. according to a ddtth newspaper... he impregnated a woman while in attorney issnot &pconfirmiig the nnws... but saas the two did have conjugal visits... and that he met the woman through another inmate. a popular drug is being pulled off shelves today... after complaints from users that it doeen'ttwork. work.according to the f-d-a... &p"wellbutrin x-l"... isn't ver effective.itts a drug... used po treat depression.the &pcompany says there have been no safety issuus associated wwth thh generic proddcts. are electric cars bad for the environnent?according to a new report puulished in the "journal of industrial ecology"... the factories thaa make electric cars emit more toxic waste than cooventional ones.sttll....researchers say electric cars ccn make sense in the big picture if the electric used o rrn them
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ccmes from low-carbonnsources. meaning if your power comms ffom coal... then an lectric car isn't really hhlping wwth are you our biggest fan?then the day! everyday we'll pick one of our viewers from our aaebook page... and feature them on fox45 news at become a fan just go to our faceeook page... facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore. 3&coming up on the early edition... it's a jump that could makk history. history.the free fall from space... that's just hours away. 3 ((break 1)) 3
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just hoorr from now.... skydiver felix baum-gartner will attempt to break a free-fall record... from the pdge of space.and he'll do it
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wearing nothing but a helmet, space suit and parachute.his biggest goal? travel so fass... he breaks the speed off. never been done before.he's spent the last 5 years preparing for today's jump. ((2-shot toss to weather))
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((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 & map fiber maa 395 map libs)))- bee air mmp
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3 3 3 33 still to come... saving up... in time for ne of the bussest shopping days of the yeer. some cash... ahead of black a fresh start... forrmembers
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of one howard county community. the street re-naming that officials are hoping... will relieve some tension. ((break 2)) 3
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3 a suburban cul-de-sac that set renamed.paul gesslar reports
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supposedly named afterr et... painting... that offeeded a lot of residents. residenns. (nats: car driving)for decades, the streets in the thunder hill neighborhood of polumbia have been connected. (covered) ambrose lane: 50.022 "based on the paintings of andrew wyeth..."the street nnmes are all amed aater artwork...all, except 'coon hunt court.'kerry richardsoo, howard county: 59.25 i assumed 'raccoon,' but obviously it's an explitive for the african-american &pcommunity."rosslie consiglio, appil wind court: 11.44.08 deal on the house and part of rosalie consiglio and the ffve other homeowners on the street all was ttme too consiglio, april wind coort: 16.39.55 "it's embarassing when i have to--somebody asks me my address, and i have to telllthem, 'my addressshas a racial slur in it.' "'coon' has been uued nearlyy200 years as a errogatory term or african- ameeicans.ambrose corrrct the mistake."monday morniig, after years of phone calls, letters and emails-- (nats: nveiling)the name officially changed to 'april wind court'.rosalie consiglio,
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april wind courr: 16.41.17 "i thhnk this was just a spelling error and i'mmhappy this hass finally been corrected."ken ulman, howard county exeeutive: 57.55 "this is not just a change on sign, it couutyywaived the fees for the nameechange.calvin ball, howard county council 22d district: 53.45 "we have streets that are not only named after literary or artistic legends, bbt also embody our values. coon hunt courr doesn't reflect either." execuuive: 56.56 "look, this change has been ddcadessin the making--should have never been named thhs in the first place." straight ahead... shhpping... without regrett. regrets.hhw to trim costs in time to savv up enough ((brrak 3)) barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven...
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so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven.
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aĆ· it's as much of an american tradition as hooiday shopping... ost-holiddy debt. but as karin caifa explains... trimming some costs right now can help consumerr stash some cash before black friday. to find extra cash in your
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budget between nnw and black friday, kiplinger's personal finance has some simple, painlessstips.tip number one, stop paying for texttmessages and pptentially oveeage fees, with a variety of free texting apps. you'll tap into all of that through an app on your standard messaging on your phone. free of charge. the only thing you'll have to put up with are ssme ads here and there, of course. tip number two, dig in your wallet to find and sell unwanted gift pards. kiplinger says the gift card exchangeewon't give the full value of thh ccrd, but it's better than nothing. and finally adjust your tax withholding, instead of waiting for thh usual fat refund in the sprrng.that's your money. ttat's money that goverrment, of ccurse, is giving back to you in the hold n to it all year long? you couud bb saving or investing that money or earning some interest along the way or spenddng it on worthwhile adventuressuch as
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holiday giftss it's as simple as filing a new w-4 form with paycheckkand could put almoot 500 dollars ii youu bank account ovee the neet tto months. for consumer watch, i'm karin caifa. 3&coming up... camera complaints... plague the i-phone 5. 5.the problem wiih takkng pictures on apple's newest pfferingg

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